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Throughout the years there have been numerous different fashion designs which have arrived and departed from flared trousers and kaftans in the 1970's to power suits and shoulder pads in the 80's. These fashions while being memorable have not continually been the easiest of fashions for wearing or incidentally looked great moreover. Over the last few years nevertheless a style of dressing has exploded which is together simple to wear and looks amazing and which is why I really love Lagenlook fashion! lagenlook uk Lagenlook clothing emanates from the German word 'layered' and represents layered clothing. It is a manner of being dressed which sees an outfit established with many different layers to establish an overall impression. The beauty regarding this form of being dressed is that it enables you to create your own unique look and can be as layered or as simple as you desire it to be. It is great for any form of body style or size and age group and never becomes dated.

The lagenlook is able to go from subtle 1 or 2 layers to a virtually theatrical look. The look can be kept straightforward with muted colours and basic lines or as an alternative could be completley outlandish with clashing prints and colours and steam punk styles. That is the best thing of this form of how you dress it is totally up to the person as to what look they desire to produce.

To give you a plan of ways to create a lagenlook way of dressing you first pick a base layer for example a simple t-shirt or tunic with a pair of pants or even a skirt whichever you desire. The pants might be a skinny or flared leg again you choose and you can have a short or a long skirt again your own choice. Yet another layer will then be an item similar to a chunky jumper or alternatively a jacket either long or maybe short just as long as you can observe each specific layer underneath. You can then insert scarves or alternatively statement jewellery to your ensemble and finish with a great pair of boots. The trick to the lagenlook style is that you can observe areas of each layer and they all work well with each other by tone or otherwise colour or pattern. plus size tunic Once you have tried a couple of fashion outfits you quickly realize how easy and versatile this style of dressing can be. Obviously it does not only have to be for the laid back type of being dressed also you may absolutely glam it up with your choice of fabrics, colours and also prints and it is a look that will work well from daytime to nightime. One of the greatest advantages however is that it is not limited to cat walk fashion and what continues to be on trend right now consequently you don't have to be concerned about adhering to all the newest fashion trends nevertheless this can be accomplished by way of seasonal colours if you desire it. evening dresses plus size As a result if you are seeking to attempt a newer style why not give this style of dressing a shot and find out if you become obsessed with the Legenlook style of dressing as we have.